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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of care is based on the Care Inspectorate's “Making Every Moment Count” resource.
  1. Get to know me – We get to know clients, this helps to build a positive relationship between carers and clients
  2. Its not just what you do … its how you make me feel – we make our clients feel valued which is more important than the tasks we do.
  3. Know what I can do and support me to do it – we get to know our clients and the care plan is done around maintaining the individuals independence, we allow our clients to do as much as possible for themselves and support where and when needed
  4. Help me feel comfortable, safe and secure in my surroundings – we do regular risk assessments in our clients homes to ensure their surroundings are kept safe making them aware of any possible risks, we always ensure that are clients homes are safe and secure before we leave. Regular reviews are taken out with management to ensure that our clients are comfortable with happy with the service they are being provided with.
  5. Remember little things add up – Remembering the small details mean a lot to our clients, remembering how they like their cups of tea goes a long way.
  6. Effective communication – We listen and value our clients opinions and the choices they wish to make. This allows them to express their selves in confidence we will listen.
  7. Relatives – We make our client and their families feel like they can visits at any time, we make them feel welcome and involve them in the support process if the individual wishes.


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Our Philosophy

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