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When we heard several of our clients using the old saying "oh thank goodness, it's my little angels come to help", we just knew that it had to become the name of the company.

  As a young girl, Mrs Ann Preston had a dream, she wanted to help make sick people better. To this end, she became a nurse and spent many years as a nurse in the British Army. After leaving the Army she tried several different jobs but always her true passion remained. Ann returned to care after moving from Bath to Trowbridge where she worked for several local care companies, moving from one to another trying to find the company that provided the sort of care that she knew the clients deserved. Finally, overworked, frustrated and brought to tears she admitted defeat. After long discussions with her partner Vincent Lawrence it was decided that the only way to provide the standard of care that she wanted to give was to start her own company from the ground up where she could hand pick staff with the same passion that she has and train them to her high standards.  
Services –
We provide a flexible and reliable service that includes all aspects of personal care, assisting with getting in and out of bed, applying creams, Prompting medication and end of life care. These are all done whilst maintaining dignity, privacy and respect at all times These are My Little Angels Policies that are always Followed. We also support clients with meal preparation where independence is encouraged where and when possible. Shopping and light domestic duties where you can be assured to trust all of our members of staff in and around your home, all members of staff are DBS checked. We also provide social and sitting services. All of our services we provide are person centred Around the client's needs, supported by qualified staff and a CQC certified business. Respect, dignity, privacy and confidentiality Is paramount to our company. We also ensure all of our clients are given the most independence as possible at all times, Providing them with a high quality of life by offering continued support.
Staff –
All staff undergo a training programme in our offices, once these are completed, training is continued out in the community. Once we feel they are competent and providing our high standard of care supervised, they are then allowed to lone work with regular spot checks throughout the rest of their probation period. All members of staff are DBS checked before going out in the community.
Waiting list –
We will not take on new clients until we are sue that we can provide the care in full to our high standards. If you need 30minutes then 30 minutes is what you get, if we don’t have the right client to carer ratio correct this will inevitably mean visits will get cut short and we feel this is completely unacceptable. We like to spend time with our clients in a relaxed way and don’t like our staff to feel stressed and rushed. We ensure enough time is given for our staff to get from one client to another that there is no need for their previous visit to be cut short, allowing our staff to travel between clients safely.
Person Centred Approach –
Mrs Ann Preston or one of the most senior members of the team meets with clients and their families prior to a care package starting to establish what the individual needs, preferences, desires and the goals they wish to achieve are, to create a person centred Care Plan tailored to that individual.
Reliable –
We can guarantee that our carers will turn up within the 30 minute time bracket allocated to our clients and that you will not have your morning visit half an hour apart from your lunch visit. If for any reason, unforeseen circumstances occur or our carer is running late, they contact us and we contact the client or if necessary get that call covered by another member of staff. This builds a trusting relationship with our clients and the company, which is why we arguably see ourselves as one of the best!
Flexible –
Our clients have the same amount of rights as we do There may be occasions where they wish to cancel a visit because of social activities they are taking part in, this is not a problem to us at all, you will not lose your slot, however we do ask for 24 hours' notice of cancellation otherwise you will still be charged. On the other hand, our client circumstances may change therefore the care may need increasing or even decreasing, that is also fine we will come and do a “reassessment” and cater for the new care package.


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